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Namaste Divine Shine Valentines!
I greet you in Love this Valentine's eve turned day ~ Happy Valentine's Day! We have lots of Valentine & heart celebrations @ and here on our New Thought Families Mindful Multimedia page including the Divine Shine Valentine Om HomETV show. Our February Heart of Love video calendar is playing to remind us daily to be home in the heart of Love. My mind and heart are stayed on the freedom of big Love; the 'Always Love' referred to by Earnest Holmes that I put into song some time back and return to often, especially on Valentine's Day. For while the holiday is indeed a celebration of couples and romantic love, it is a spotlight on Love itself, what it means and what it brings. And what we bring to it. I embrace it as a joyful holy day even though I am not coupled.
I did an active meditation on the word Valentine as Love in action:

It is fully explained in the Valentine vlog below if you want to spend some heart shine time with me. You can also do your own heart exploration meditation with these words or whatever words, concepts, visions, come to you.

However you celebrate Love on this and every day, may you know yourself in the heart of it. Thank you for your divine shine, visionary Valentine! Namaste, Love!

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