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December 2021
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Laurie Story Thoughts on the dark night
of the soul with the song Born For
Lessons of the Dark Night: More End of Year Soul Speak

Namaste Hopeful Hearts and Hearty Souls!
No matter what is yours to release and dream, I wish you all the best in it. As we bid 2021 adieu and beckon in 2022, may you know comfort and joy, heart and soul.

Some of us really did a dark night of the soul this last year. All around the planet, every human has been issued invitation for at least a bit of soul searching. Of course, it's always all in your perspective. 2021 taught me anew that truth really does belong to the individual. People can experience the SAME exact event and have vastly different renditions of it.

Just as I had declared, "Born For" as the last song written for 2021, another one dropped in while in the shower this morning on this 12/31/21! This newest song is posted here as well. It is a song about living in the moment where all peace and wellbeing reside. Testimony to the ebb and flow of how our hearts and souls go, light and dark, ever in the circle, ever a spark in the dark.

The Buddhists know and teach so well that all suffering lies in wanting things to be anything other than what they are. We spend (too much) time in the past and future which can be tremendously powerful places to visit for reflection and visualization yet can undermine our presence to the goodness of what is in the vast majority of our moments. I saw that so clearly this year along with the aha/duh reminders that when we can accept ourselves and each other exactly as we are with as much unconditional Love as possible, we can eliminate most if not all suffering.

There is a lot of psychology invested in 'standing up for ourselves', 'teaching people how to treat us', and yet, like so much in the realms of consciousness, true freedom comes not from being able to shift or change another. It is, like the peace we sing of, something that must begin with us. I would not advocate to stay in abusive relationships, especially after feeling much of that myself this year. Yet in my case, I (re)learned that asking others for what they are unable to give is futile. It may be, as it was for me, a trigger for more "Let me tell you (more of ) what's wrong with you" rather than an ability on the others' part to be accountable and caring. An old saying from my childhood is, "You can't get blood out of a turnip." This is acurate in this case up to the point where I choose to believe in every human being's capacity for compassion and goodness. We can keep holding it, even and especially for
those that treat us with a remarkable absence of compassionate good.

I will return here, to this 'reborn' blog space, with more on the epiphanies I am taking in to the new year as well as a recording of the newest song. Distilled into the top 3 aha/duh realizations of this 2021 dark night:
1. Connection. We are never alone or forsaken. Spirit and our very souls are shining the way even and especially in the longest and darkest nights.
2. Detachment. When we release expectation and/or the need for people or circumstances to be anything other than what they are, we truly find freedom and peace, comfort and joy. From this place, we are far better able to enact the changes required of us as individuals and as humanity.
3. Presence. It is possible to be both connected and detached in any given present moment. When we breathe in the beauty of the present moment, aware of the bounty of goodness present in the stillness, there is peaceful perfection waiting for us. There is the peaceful perfection that IS us to be experienced in and through us, as us. And so it is!

Blessings of Bounty and moments of woo hoo to you this 2022. No matter what you've been through or what 2022 brings, may you feel more blessed than stressed. Wishing us all delightful moments of woo hoo in 2022 :) as we continue our transformation conversations. And even if things don't quickly and readily become 'better', may YOU be better, living the next better version of yourself, ever blessed and blessing all of us as your Love yes expressed! Namaste, Love!
THE last song written in 2021 on 12/31, sung here 1/1:
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Laurie Story Christmas Thoughts
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Shining Solstice Salutations
& Celebration Invitations!

Merry Solstice Bright Lights!
At this winter moment of darkness, here in the north (and with the shortest night illumination in the south), let us take a mindful moment to explore the dark and light wisdom within us. So many gifts of the darkness are often overlooked e­specially in our busyness of all this season may seemingly ask of some of us. On this shortest day and longest night, it is indeed a rich invite to look within for the lessons and whispers found in our individual selves as well as in the collective darkness.

As our year wraps up, we do well to look back and look forward well anchored in the perfect, peaceful, present moment. For my part, I have had great teachings from what can be said has been a dark night of the soul this year ... beckoning to rebuild and recommit to some of what has been and to surrender and let go to other aspects of life as I have known and experienced it thus far. I find myself in the seasonal light dancing with both deep despair and joyous freedom. So conscious moment by conscious moment, I return to the light of awareness for the gifts that can be culled from both the despair and the joy, the dark and the light.

Today's Play & Pray Living Light Moment
Tuesday 12/21

From my perspective, we as a collective, have the same invitations to reconstruction. Yet! I also clearly see that the New Thought axiom, "Peace begins with me" has never been truer. Collective 'Truth' is more elusive than ever. Thereby, the need for reconstruction of our societal ways is still nowhere near group consensus. The actual specifics of what and how our reconstruction should and can take place will most likely, necessarily, evolve over time. Perhaps generations. The darkness of suffering the pandemic has brought the world is layered with a lighted roadmap for change yet the vast majority of humanity is looking for the UTurn to travel back over the familiar routes previously established. More and more, we all see the inevitability of new normals though we, as a collective, understandably resist such change. Even in my own visions, it can seem unfathomable how we can step into a new way of being with our own bodies, with each other far and near, and with our planet home who implores us to change for the survival of our species here on earth. No matter what, our sacred earth mother is filled with beauty's infinity always beckoning us to align with the shine of our divine design and do the dance of divinity!
...............Rise Up Spirit with Aurora

Rise up Spirit! Return to your heart and what is yours to do even as the light surely returns. For my messy part, part of the 2021 dark night has been a necessary reconstruction of the website platforms that seems like an endless night. Due to the enormity of the task and my proclivity to be overwhelmed by it ~ to stop and start on the needed organization, to change my focus on creating content anew, and the ongoing, very real time commitments I still engage in with my family and elders. So! If you are in this, yet another blogspace that is new, woo hoo! Thank you!

Whatever the particulars, we all do a dance with our creations. Whether we view our contemplative ahas as being born in darkness or light, consciousness or unconsciousness, they are indeed our creations. Aligning with nature at this time and acknowledging our divine design is a great way to engage in celebration and reconstruction. As one who all too often focuses on the reconstruction, I must heed this invitation ~ let us all take care to see what we have done as individuals and as a collective for that matter in the light of CELEBRATION! We are alive! We are co-creating! We shine! Here's Feature Creature Teacher STAR speaking to the physical truth of the twinkling star and the metaphysical truth of who we are!
............Feature Creature Teacher Star!

YES! You are a shining star! The Light of Love is who we are!
"In the darkness of the Solstice, we reach for the light
In the depths of the darkest and the longest night
Listen to the whispers calling us to flight
Fly with the divine ... shine, shine, shine!"

Let's sing it, shining stars! Thank you again for being here. Keep shining your divine design in and through this time. Namaste Love!

................Light Of Love Music Video!

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