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Honor Thy Father

Namaste Shining Circle of the Sun! I greet you this Father's Day ahead of Summer Solstice with all the passionate purpose the bright light of Summer Solstice bestows on us. Short of having a Solstice blog/vlog ready in this moment, I will simply breathe with you the intentionality of the longest day of the year. Let us take a deep, grateful breath of the long sun's illumination on all of our life celebrations and transformations. For our sisters and brothers around the world celebrating longest night, may we breathe in the illuminated wisdom within, always available to all of us.

Today's life celebration is of fathers! Who is your father to you? How do you honor him? Have the meanings and honorings changed over the years? From our families to cultural patriarchy, the father holds a centerpiece in our collective history and humanity. Indeed, father holds a centerpiece in each of us.
On this Father's Day, I honor the Circle of Time and all the generational imprints we birth year after year. This picture of my father and then young son Jeremiah in Virginia City speaks to many of our family layers. The longtime family ranch did indeed officially change hands this week. On the last day, a tired me did a musical vlog from the ranch with a new song honoring the ancestors, Golden Thread, and Daddy's Song, honoring my father.

The new song has come a good ways in the last few days yet I choose to post this raw and real ranch version as the last notes sung there. As throughout this journey, there is so much to say and beyond what i say in the video, I will only leave a bit more of it here and now. Let it speak of the process with respect for all of it.

The last days entailed cabling the cattle guard; and because you need to mark the cable with a visible cloth, the old, stained apron was a fitting touch for me.

There were many watchful eyes on the ranch as our last days unfolded. There were rocks moved, and weeds cleaned bringing rocks into the visible shining circle.

There were rocks dug and fought over along with new vines ever reaching for the golden sunshine. So many steps ever beckoning to be taken.

I said goodbye to house, barn, and the cat, who was so generously and graciously invited to stay; pictured here bathing in the sunspots shining through grapes.
The Crow on the barn speaks of change and transformation as well as the spiritual invitation to see Crow as positive or negative, good luck or bad, new birth or death. Crow represents all of that to different people at different times. Most likely, all are present in the gift of Crow and so a very fitting messenger on the last day.
So it is with all of our transformations and transitions in life. We sift and we shift. We choose what to carry forward. This also holds true for our relationships. The one I had with my father had many difficult layers yet I choose still and always to honor him and the ancestors. I honor all in my family who have lived the chain of pain and choose to align with their version of the divine and SHINE! I honor you, my friend, and your celebrations and transformations, whatever they hold this moment. Thank you for gifting me with your presence in the sacred Circle of Time and this journey of mine. I wish you an infinity of divinity consciousness at this Solstice time in the Circle.
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Stay fine tuned as more and more aligns, in our Leaping Literacy Library. There are many more celebrations and invitations on the way, old and new, woo hoo, hooray!

June Divinity (May Memories)
Time & Energy in the Circle of the Sun

Namaste Shining Circle of Intentional Living and Passionate Purpose!
Here we are in June after I went missing (from this blog space) in May. Transformations were running rampant with so much more of the death and birth cycle and circle discussed here in March and April continuing to play out! Even in the summer whispers of jubilant June, I am in the last throws of a painful death, a long time coming.

Let me first breathe with you a moment of deep gratitude, light, positivity, divinity. I am choosing to know the holy presence of all that and more. I am honored you are choosing to be here, in this right now moment of time, in heart, and mind. Thank you, Love!

In a step back of May memories, I had the joy to be with Unity Community in Citrus Heights for a Sacred Sunday Service! We were celebrating Transformation with the I Am and sharing sacred awareness and some life lessons with Feature Creature Teachers! I was honored and grateful to have been their speaker and songstress! For any who want to experience the moment, it was live streamed to Youtube!

SEAing Divinity!
Change in the Circle! Time in the Circle! Light in the Circle! As Solstice approaches, we are once more reminded of how the circle of darkness and light calls us to grow. On the mindfulness journey, we pause to reflect on what and how we grow, just how we invest our time, heart, and mind. We go within, take deep dives into the inner workings of how we are made, the choices we make, and just why we make them. We can stay the course or change course accordingly ~ in any divine timing.

SEAing Divinity!

For my part, I have been playing out what can be termed dysfunctional family loyalty for a lot of years. Though I blogged quite a bit about my (spiritual) parenting of my parent(s) in the early days, my communications became less and less for multiple reasons. Mainly, I didn't want to speak about their indignities of the aging and death process. I wanted to honor their journeys through aging, hospicing, transitioning. There are other layers I will most likely attend to (here?) another time! Time! The time is come to let go of the family ranch I grew up on and was part of the 5th generation born here. I am currently doing a lot of dirty work to clean the place up to the best of me and am reminded of June 2021 where it was a very similar story with my mama's house. As painful as it is, I am staying true to me and what I believe is the right way to honor my father and ancestors who went before me here. As I clear as much as I possibly can before the 'As Is' Sale, son Jeremiah says I am rearranging chairs on the Titanic. I say I am being the hands and feet for all those who went before me and unfortunately left some messes behind. I am also doing my best version of the Golden Rule for the new owner. For any who may have been on this journey with me, you may recall some years back when I cleaned out the family store, a good chunk of that stuff landed here at the ranch so I am revisiting that. The man who bought the store is turning it into a museum. He is also the one to be buying our family ranch now with the intention to restore it! Blessed Be in the Circle of all i see!SEAing Divinity!
You can bet there is SO much more to this story! Yet, suffice to say for now, I am choosing to align and realign with the divine. I am choosing to see and SEA divinity in the circle of time. I am turning and returning to my own sacred heart. As I work on honoring all that went before me with the ancestors, I am also honoring me and the work I have done and continue to do. We are returning to SEAing Divinity on the daily Play & Pray Video Calendar as well as Sea Splashing @ ETV and Leaping Literacy Camp Creativity!
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As part of my circle in the sun, passionate life purpose, and divine alignment, I choose to reach for the dreams and visions that have been on back burner at best, lost and near death at worst. We can always choose or change direction as Feature Creature Teacher Crab lets us know. Thank you voices and faces of divinity!
Feature Creature Teacher Crab!
I choose to know I am on purpose. I choose to listen to ME! To mermaid me! I am revisiting these Vlogs from August 2023 with the wonderment that maybe these messages ARE meant to BE ~ for ME! I can only hope they could be anything that would speak to YOU here and now. If so, yippee skippee for divinity in the Circle!

And 1 more from the sea swept circle of divinity reminding ~ me ~ of positivity!

What voice of YOU can you revisit NOW in the Circle of Divine Time?! I see, know, and affirm right now allowance and transcendence for us all! I honor us all in the circle of time and shine. Thank you again for being here friends. I wish you all the best in living your passionate purpose with zest! I wish us all to be living our divinity in this great ocean of life. Happy World Ocean Day June 8th! Water is Life! Our life is divine in every moment of time! Namaste, Love!
SEAing Divinity!

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