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April Awareness Through Mother May Eyes

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May 20, 2023 Transformation Conversation!

Namaste Change Agents of Inspiration! Thank you for tuning into this transformation conversation. I welcome you along with mama moth and her eggs on a garage window slated for cleaning ~ now postponed for gestation.

This week brought an interesting encounter with the ‘real world’ outside of the bubble I live in most of the time. I was called for jury duty. I arrived 8 minutes later than call time finding a room full of waiting faces so solemn I almost laughed at loud. More than an hour later we were called into the courtroom where the general questioning began. The case entailed the freedom of an adult who wanted to be in charge of their life vs. the county who said they needed conservatorship of this individual. The preliminary questions for jury selection covered experiences and opinions of topics like mental illness, medications, doctor authority. I was struck by several things; the first of which was my own trigger and potentially cloudy lens from my parent’s dementia, especially my mom and the arsenal of drugs the doctors had her on. Life can definitely shine a light on dark shadows that still need healing! I truthfully said I would do my best to hear both sides yet I did favor personal sovereignty and the patient themselves over the professional doctor, who spends moments with a patient and all too often runs on a pharmaceutical paradigm I don't subscribe to. There was 1 other woman, more outspoken than I about how her mother was being mistreated currently with medications and the health sick system yet everyone else who was a perspective member of the jury of 'peers' were on board with dr. knows best, 100%.
Where things got really eye and heart opening were the questions, "Can you make this decision solely in your mind without emotional input?" "Can you make a decision without compassion for the individual in question?" I was not asked so did not say aloud that we have an internal GPS that helps guide our way with emotions and that compassion is an important tool in seeing and helping each other. I did not say that humanity is being asked to evolve at this time into embodying our oneness awareness and heart intelligence with compassion and intuitive feelings being such important tools in this transformation! It was just so clear the box of brain knows best was the only acceptable answer and thereby the only acceptable peers for that jury were those living in that box. Though it took me a day or 2 of assimilation, I was able to get over the depression these realizations induced and perhaps most importantly, revisit the 'lack of belonging' feelings that can be triggered by my life journey of choosing to live outside the 'normal' box. This process brought me to revisiting Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and ultimately turn IT upside down!

Maslow's Theory of Motivation through a hierarchy of needs was presented in a paper in 1943. He asserted that when the basic levels of breath, food, water, elimination, etc. were met, then came the need for shelter and safety followed by the need to belong in family, community, etc. From there came the sense of self and self esteem leading to the self actualized individual who accepted themselves and others without critical judgement. Beyond acceptance, it is also the desire to reach our full potential, and cannot be reached without the fulfillment of the other needs according to Maslow. In 1969, Maslow expanded the needs adding cognitive and beauty stimulation above self esteem and transcendence above self actualization. This is to transcend ego and self into holistic, oneness spiritual awareness.
Because we are spirit beings inhabiting these physical bodies, I thought we should flip the hierarchy! When we are rooted in knowing ourselves as spirit, as connected, as one, we are living the truth of who we truly be, self actualized expressions of Love! The more we are accessing this mastery, the more we are aligned with our soul's purpose in being here. From this place, we are secure in who we are and have a sense of connection and belonging wherever we are. When we are living with this resonance and vibration, of course all of our physiological needs are met. Any and all things we need for survival, safety, and growth easily flow. We are in harmony with ourselves and our world.

What struck me later, when actually making the above visuals, is that the placement of belonging does not change! Belonging is also Love; a necessary element to live, thrive, give, receive, grow, know, and be!

I speak to the above from my front porch in the vlog below which is a transformation conversation revisiting the reconstruction zones of home and my (oh so close) neighbor's home. The vlog speaks to the gifts of awareness, construction, small acts of change and the ever present cycle of transformation always unfolding in and through us ~ with or without our consciousness!

Home Renovation Transformation Conversation!

The neighbor has been working on her house since before I moved here 4.5 years ago. Things often get torn apart and remain so for long periods of time. This is not unlike what I have done with my websites and other aspects of life. I more fully said aha and duh to that this week which allowed for more alchemical understanding, compassion, and allowance! After a few days of the latest pictured below, my friend brilliantly suggested I change my view. SHAZAM! And while I was doing fairly well enJOYing my porch roses and ignoring the view, I gotta say, changing the view brought SO much peace. Yay for wisdom, perspective and small changes!

Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation

As mentioned in the vlog, I have been working on my garage ~ again ~ and was aided by a very kind stranger in getting a window insert home yesterday. Today, I further trimmed and decorated, adding feathers to catch some light leaks on the edges. I am so grateful and hopeful for this transformation. And! I am so aware of all the countless hours I have spent getting space ready here (and other spots like the studio adventure) for programming that did or didn't happen. I am choosing to know it all counts going forward as I embody as much resonance as I am able to transform vision into action!

Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation

Whew! Window *mostly* done :) ~ hopefull for this summer season to come! And the rest of the space is nearly there ... yippee skippee!
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation

And so we flow, small change after small change! I am flowing, knowing, growing, into new spaces and phases. Whatever is *still* mine to do like more time with Tiger and Rabbit, the next CD of songs, new ETV & Om programming IS transforming into becoming as I allow the goodness of transcendence. Knowing its oneness with isness and doneness ... allowing funness all along the way! I wish you infinite blessings in all you are transforming this day, this moment, this lifetime dance of transcenedence! Blessed Be! Namaste Love!


May 9, 2023 Resonance, Resistance & Resilience!

Namaste Celebrations of Transformation and Inspiration!

If you have found your way here at any given moment or calendar day,
thank you, thank you, thank you! I am always ahmazed at the divine order of divinity's resurgence and resonance ever flowing through life. I am also ever humbled at the persistent insistence of Spirit to Love, Love, Love me through my resilient resistance. Though I have not been here officially for a month, I did indeed have an Earth Day post and/or one on April 27th on the eve of the anniversary of breaking my neck. They were not shared for many reasons ... losing my why/who, doubt, too many other places and callings to engage in and the never good enough vibes, all being central to the resistance. Through Spirit Love, Love, Love, I am here now and SO grateful that you are too!

Nature's miracles: new life growing from 'dead' wood!

I have come to know that no matter how vivid our life visions and guidance, if we are not a resonant vibration, we will resist action through procrastination and other means. Yet! In divine order, I often 'catch up' on other things in the process that hopefully increase my ability to hold vibrational resonance with what I have been side stepping. There are always so many layers of growth happening simultaneously as nature (and springtime!) remind us.

I have also come to know that I am never sorry for saying yes to Spirit in my co-creations, no matter how silly they may seem years later. And! I am always sorry for saying no out of judgment, lack of resonance, or any other reason. What can happen, all too often, is that some things left undone can haunt me as if to prove that I am not enough. Cycle of insanity! It is really just a natural cycle of habitation. As conscious beings on the path, we always have the opportunity to see ourselves, our patterns and cycles, and ways to change. We are always transforming into more of who we truly be. Yet without conscious co-creative action, the transformation can be like water over stone, a slow, steady process of softening and sculpting. Irrespective of our (ability towards) actions, our soul is always calling us high and higher! One way to hear and heed our soul calls is to return to places that feed our soul. This is the pond at my dad's ranch, where I grew up. A forever soul anchoring place for me to be! Come visit there with me!

Here is the pond vlog recorded April 27th on the eve of my broken neck anniversary. As referred to in the vlog, the picture is from the next (anniversary) day with Jess; we walked to the spot where I had driven to and sang from on Easter. Progress! The vlog speaks to progress, negativity bias, life with angels, finding my people, following soul, and singing the SoulPlay song. There are a few seconds of just pond at the beginning & a full moment of just pond at the end beginning @ 18:52, SoulPlay song begins @ 13:42.

Pond Vlog
Created April 27, 2023

As the vlog speaks of, and I have mentioned here, I have been doing some video shorts at places like YouTube in an effort to find the peeps who may be served by the mindful multimedia and playful FUNdamental literacy offerings I co-create. So while it is all my co-creation, I did find some dark places in negative YouTube comments and was reminded that a breaking point for moving 100+ videos off of YouTube and starting my Vimeo library (now nearly 2000 videos!) was a comment someone made on our pond ripples sacred awareness video (below). Unfortunately I still remember it (negativity bias!) as they said it made them want to swallow a razor blade. :( Luckily, I also remember nana's comments of how proud she was of Jeremiah and how nice she thought my hair looked :)

So! As I talk of in the vlog and still took several weeks to actually post, I have, do, and will continue to show up and co-create. And as hard as the sharing can be, I will keep working on my vibes and methods of communicative outreach. Perhaps I will stop at some point; listen to the numbers of no or few views. Yet! A (lack of) response has been and always will be secondary to what I hear Spirit calling me to! I must dance the dance of co-creativity even if I also tango with resistance. Maybe it is all just beautiful lies (as I spoke of in the post SoulPlay TeleCamp video below).

If nothing else, my co-creations are a testimony to being with Spirit, the bliss of being a conduit and the ecstasy of creation, dancing in darkness, wrestling with resistance, allowing resonance and raising vibration. And through it all having conscious conversations with Spirit, with myself ~ with you?!

I will leave you with more videos to peruse if any of them call to you. There are more featured ones on our Mindfulmedia page and our ETV is @ and updates weekly. Co-creation celebrations! Whatever you take in, from me or anyone else, wherever you are in your spiritual evolution, may you truly find ways to resonate with all that makes you great. Namaste, Love!

Today's Mother May Eyes Play & Pray Calendar message and our message from the pond way back when that was a breaking point for me w/ YouTube!

5/9 Mother May Eyes
Jeremiah Pond Ripples
1st SoulPlay Song Share
SoulPlay Beautiful Lie

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4/10 Easter Monday Musings
Namaste Rising Spirit embodied and energized!
Below are a few musings on the wrap of Easter and the Lenten season. I hope your Easter Sunday was a Funday with sacred stirrings too. I experienced
those with a group of 12 friends, old and new. I shared food, Ask & Affirm Spirit Animal cards in eggs, and a fun skit with my playful friends Rev. Karene and Don. We all shared a scrumptious meal, songs, and heart moments. Lovely and Love filled! Family time was Easter dinner I prepared and shared with my nephew who I also made the big Easter basket for as in days gone by though he is solidly an adult now :)
In between, I had a good catch up call with Jeremiah who is in Mexico, and I drove the backroad home from friends to soak in some beauty. This backroad is one I have adored walking over the years and eagerly await my recovery in being able to do so again. I did stop at the creek, wade in, and sing my meditative song shared here at the beginning of holy week:

I Will Follow Thee
©2023 Laurie Story V

Bunny Foo Foo @ ETV

I did get my feet in that creek and I did sing that song all week long, reaffirming my commitment to Thee ~ Spirit by any name ~ as I did throughout Lent in at least some measure. As shared here, my Lenten commitment this year was to keep showing up daily as a disciple. I continued and strengthened my intermittent fasting practice though sadly, in the 40+ days, I actually gained weight for the 1st time in my 6+ month journey with the foot and ankle injury. Sigh. Gifts! They are always there. I am realizing that I can and will deepen the listening process with my body regarding all things, especially, what to eat, how much of it, and when. I definitely know I have had some great benefits from fasting as it truly does work well as a reset for the cells and the mind and heart as well!

In times past, especially as a Catholic child, there was such a spotlight on doing better, being better, sacrificing, repenting. I now realize that so much of that is based on the idea of Creator as judge and punisher as well as human as unworthy and hopelessly, continuously flawed. I have more closely re-aligned my belief in self and Source as Love expressed; unconditionally loved and supported, and inherently good. As the Follow Thee song comes to, my listening heart feels that unconditional Love and is able to come into a deep peaceful knowing that I am loved, accepted, and even cherished just as I am! I can and will Spirit rise to that!

In this last 40+ days, I have been able to see where I am showing up as I envision as well as the places and spaces, I still scatter and disallow the flow of mastery I seek. It is all spiritual practice! Seeing and loving ourselves with unconditional Love is not a pass on cleaning up, leveling up, showing up, it is simply a kinder way to be. Unconditional Love does say you are perfect as you are yet the eyes of the heart can always see higher and higher ways to be. As a disciple, my work and play is to be present every day in everyday ways as devotion in motion! Deeply loving me is honoring Source with this devotion and it also allows me to love others more like our Creator does, with unconditional Love.

One tool I have been using consistently for some time is seeing as the observer. The observer is not emotionally triggered so thereby is able to hold that vibration of unconditional Love more easily. Like all else, it is easier with practice and is a transformational tool worth practicing!

So! I don't have major goals accomplished from my discipleship to share. I do have MANY small markers of these goals coming into fruition. I did get into sharing shorts and developing our YouTube channel here. Like my sacred steps towards back into backroad power walking, there is progress to be celebrated. It is indeed the journey. Unconditional Love envelops all of it ~ the steps, the road, the places reached and still ahead.

Thank you for musing with me. Goddess Bless you wherever you find your resurrection destination this moment. I join you in celebration and appreciation of ALL of it! On we go! Namaste, Love!

4/2 Holy Week! Namaste Garden Goers!
Palm Sunday celebrations were today as the Christian Holy Week begins. As I do not have a church these days, I celebrated life by cooking some of my mama's fave foods; tamale pie, carrot and raisin salad and lemon jello cake and taking lunch to my aunt and her lifetime friend, both 93. I also put some of my mama's costume jewlery in little bunny purses which made for another layer of fun. I have had a bag of 16 of these little bunny purses in my Easter box for waaaayy too long! I was always going to give them to kids yet the numbers never played out. So this year, they are finally going out to 'big' kids. We always have the opportunity to change the way we see and be!

With or without this accompanying commentary, here is a (long!) Garden of Gethsemane April Awareness look into the inspiration of perfection. As I was surrendering to Spirit, a new song came that ended up shining a light of grateful awareness on (my) rightness. Ah, the gifts of sacred awareness!

Change can sometimes feel like the angst of Jesus' Garden of Gesthemene; we can run into doubt, resistance, and all kinds of struggle trouble. On my own path, I keep being reminded of slow and steady, flow and ready! Short version is March was a month of being back to walking on 2 feet ~ YAY! Yet still having lots of pain and limp and what feels like a still long road back to 'normal'. I was flooded with vision and hope for April Awareness website offerings that seemed so doable yet became an all too familiar place of not enoughness ... time, energy, you know, reality! So I breathed deep into divinity and found a much more peaceful me, some definite good change there! I will continue to alchemize, stategize and finalize how I choose to show up for the oh so many aspects of work and life that tug on my heartstrings.

In sitting surrendered this sacred moment, I do contemplate Holy Week. An incredible week of celebration, tribulation, persecution, and ressurrection. This, of course, being the week that Jesus went from the waving palm fronds accolades of celebration to soul searching betrayal, incredible suffering on the cross to the ultimate Spirit Rising, life eternal of Easter. It is an invitation to all of us to visit our own Gethsemane for reflection, (re)dedication, renewed inspiration and faith confirmation. Gethsemane is symbolic of the struggle that takes place within the consciousness when truth is realized as the one reality. ~ Charles Fillmore

Perhaps it could be said that as we alchemize divinity into our reality,
the life invitations just necessarily keep growing ~ EXPANSION! In my latest struggles, I found myself going (back) down a dark rabbit hole, ~ Yes, Feature Creature Teacher Rabbit does have much to say about now, regarding fear and abundance, and I have much to say with Rabbit! YET I need to speak to that next time! ~ As I surrendered into Spirit and the light, I denied at least some of the darkness, allowing more of the knowing, growing, and glowing rainbow me to be showing! I am including this rainbow song as affirmation and confirmation of the alchemical garden and rainbow process. We do need to release pain, re-set ourselves to gratitude, acceptance, and Love to truly align with the shine of our divine design. We are indeed beautiful rainbows made from light. I celebrate the rainbow of YOU and I wish you all the best in bringing your alchemical zest to any test this week or beyond. Holy Week! Holy you. Holy rainbow you! Namaste, Love.

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