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Interfaith Inspirations

Some November Interfaith Inspirations:
PaganChristianChristianChristianBahai BahaiChristianChristianBahai
HinduSikh Bahai BahaiChristianChristian

Native NativeNovember
November is Native American Heritage month. Congress chose November for it's cultural
signifigance as the month Native Americans conclude their harvest season.

PaganPagan ~ Samhain (Hallowe'en) ~ October 31st/November 1st
Samhain (pronounced 'sow'inn') marks the Feast of the Dead. Many Pagans also celebrate it
as the old Celtic New Year (although some mark this at Imbolc).

Christian Christian
~ Hallowe'en (All Hallows' Eve)~ October 31st
Christian celebration of mystery combining prayers and merriment involving children and families. It is a prelude to All Saint's Day. The night before All Saints' Day (All Hallows' Day).
Its origins date back over 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.
It was celebrated as a Christian festival by the 8th Century.

ChristianChristian ~ All Saints Day ~
November 1st
Christian day of prayers of remembrance and intercession for the dead. Prayers of the faithful are seen as helping to cleanse the souls for the beatific vision of God in heaven.  All Saints Day Christian day for honoring saints, known and unknown.  In general, saints are persons with reputation for unusual lives of holiness and devotion to God or who were martyred for their faith.  A Holy Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church where saints have special formal status. 
ChristianChristian ~All Souls Day ~ November 2nd ~
All Souls Day Christian day of prayers of remembrance and intercession for the dead.
Prayers of the faithful are seen as helping to cleanse the souls for the beatific vision of God in heaven.
ChristianMexican Heritage~ November 2nd ~ Dia de Los Muertos ~
People celebrate and honor their loved ones who have left this world.

BahaiBaha`i ~ November 4th ~ Qudrat ~ Bahai
The beginning of the thirteenth month of the Bahá’í year, meaning “power.”

BahaiBaha`i ~ Birth of Baha'u'llah ~ November 12th
Baha'i celebration of the birth of their founder and teacher. Refrain from work.

ChristianChristianOrthodox Christian ~ November 15th ~ December 24th ~
Nativity Fast ~ Winter Lent

A season of preparation for the Nativity of Christ

ChristianChristian Christian ~ November 20th ~ Christ The King
Christ the King Sunday celebrates the all-embracing authority of Christ as King and Lord of all things. Officially called "The Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King," it is celebrated on the final Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Sunday before Advent. From Church Year Website, thank you!

BahaiBaha`i ~ November 23rd ~ Qawl ~ Bahai
The beginning of the fourteenth month of the Bahá’í year, meaning “speech.”

HinduInterfaith ~ Thanksgiving in America ~ November 24th
A celebration on the 4th Thursday in November,
celebrating the bounty of nature and peaceful harmony with each other & the world.
solidarity that serves humanity and all of life on Earth.

Sikh Sikh ~November24th ~Guru Tegh Bahadur martyrdom
Sikh time of remembering the execution of Teg Bahadur by the Moghul Emperor in India

BahaiBaha`i ~ November 26th ~ Day of the Covenant
Baha`i celebration of the covenant given in the last will and testament of Baha`u`llah

Bahai Baha`i ~November 28th ~Ascension of Abdu`l-Baha
(begins sundown 2
Baha`i celebration of the rising of the Spirit of Abdu`l-Baha to the heavenly dwelling.

ChristianChristianChristian ~ November 27th ~ December 24th ~ Advent
November 2
7th ~ 1st Sunday of Advent. Light the candle of Hope.
Advent marks the beginning of the Christian worship year in preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ.
Always beginning on the Sunday nearest November 30, it is observed with the lighting of advent candles, display of wreaths and special ceremonies. Many families also use an advent calendar with their children; each day offering a special surprise.

ChristianChristianChristian ~ November 30th ~ St. Andrews Day
Christian observance of the coming of Christianity to the area now know as Scotland.
The day is a national holiday in Scotland.

Interfaith Inspirations:
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