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January Practicing Peace

Welcome to this changing space for the blog.
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1/24 Namaste Divine Expressiveness of Peacefulness and Blessedness!

Here are 2 different vlogs produced today speaking to the evolution of living divinity in this new year of 2023. There is an honoring of the Lunar New Year; goodbye Water Tiger and hello Water Rabbit! In the short version 1 video, i speak briefly to the Leaping Literacy Library and its evolving realities laced with divinity. Both videos speak to new year's resolutions vs. every day showing up with thoughtful intentions, aka the evolution solution vs. resolution! In the longer deep dive vlog, I speak to the power of NESS. We know our words have power and can influence our well-being as well as our well-doing. The great suffix ness means the state of being, the quality of being or a measure of being. I love the concept of starting each day intentionally with ness awareness of being! Today, I will live with ... awareness, gratefulness, kindness, expressiveness, yesness ... happiness! What ness would you like to express? Thank you for the divineness of you and all you express as you align with the shine of your divine design!

1/17 Namaste Peaceful Divinity Living In Infinity!
Here's a transformation conversation from my Om Home bedroom where Feature Creature Teacher Koala lives. It is a celebration of unconscious choice, soul wisdom, and the gifts found in the peaceful vibration of slowing down.

Koala Flow
Ah yes, Koala not only knows how to go slow in a peaceful flow, she also transforms any toxicity or negativity into life sustaining positivity!

Here's a different (shorter) conversation that includes a few fun facts about Koala and the invitation to the brand new Koala Keys Laurie StorEBook playing on ETV HERE! This title has been 'on the list' since 2016 ~ with such a slooow manifestation, you gotta know, I am indeed in some serious celebration!

Koala Flow

As with the slower than I'd like healing process of my bone reunification, so goes the Letter K Laurie StorEBook publication manifestation conversation! In 2016, I focused on the alphabet, co-creating the Timeless Spirit: I Am A~Z CD found here as well as little alliteration Laurie StorEBooks for each letter. Being the Laurie Story I Am, meant choosing to do 3 titles for each letter in levels of complexity. This was a goal that has made for abundant co-creation celebrations and also left me with a serious list of ju ju draining incompletes. Completing the 1st 2 titles for each letter was doable if not all in 2016, pretty close. I have been so slowly chipping away at the book 3's ... with plenty of other alliteration titles (blends & Action Ants) along the way yet still have a list from this project, now 7 years later! Long Laurie Story shorter, I am vowing to finally finish the last of these titles ASAP, definitely in the first half of this year, with Valentine Volcano coming right up! Should you want to peruse my Laurie StorEBooks, go here.

So! The gifts of transformation often do include procrastination. And while yes, incompletes are absolutely an energy suck, EVERYTHING is ALWAYS in divine order! In the case of Koala Keys, it is a richer imagination celebration than it was slated to be originally in King Kenji's Ketchup Kitchen ... Koala Keys is an alliteration manifestation that speaks to keys of happiness and kindness. Added layers of goodness have come in this divine right time! So it goes with all of our co-creations, perhaps more so with the ones that come slooow!

Metaphysically speaking, we procrastinate or re-prioritize based on what we are a vibrational match with, aka not being ready to do what we put off. We go in different directions and timelines for all kinds of reasons.
Yet there are 3 key things to keep in mind:
1. Everything can and will happen in divine time.
2. What we are passionate about and called (back) to is absolutely ours to do. If we let something go, it may well morph into something(s) else or it may come back around time after time until we act on it, again, all in divine time.
3. As long as we interact with our co-creations with gratitude for the gifts they are, grateful for the gift of co-creation itself, we are indeed living on purpose as a manifestation celebration ... an infinity of divinity's co-creation!

Thank you for you and all you do in your co-creating days and ways. I celebrate you and am ever grateful for you sharing the gift of you in this world and here in this moment. Your time and energy here is always so appreciated. Thank you Love!

1/6 Epiphany Honoring ~ At Peace with the Gifts ~ Practicing Peace Part 2
Namaste Glorious Gift of Powerful Presence!
Wrapping up this day of Epiphany, I am here to honor ALL the gifts of what it is to be here, co-creating in my yes, blessed mess! My 2023 Epiphany surprise was whispered out onto the web pages late day/night ....
I am opening access to all of Leaping Literacy Library's ETV!

This involves the sorting and linking of somewhere around 1700 videos.
Besides the layers of logistical complexities, I have definitely been wrestling with the emotional perplexities. Long story shorter, the content in these videos spans 15+years and up until fairly recently, was part of my 'retirement plan' paid Membership Library first formed in 1999 ~ before most peeps even thought of being online! There is a large body of content still tagged for a relaunch of the downloads and paid Membership *hopefully* ready by 1/23 (this uber late Epiphany has me wondering (doubting?) I can hit that mark. YET! Here is today's main message of practicing Peace ...
We are called to align with the shine of our divine design moment by moment;
if we do that in as many moments as possible, we are living divine time!
I have had to really wrestle with parts of my not good enough, never (good) enough self that resists easy flow even when I KNOW what to do to follow through! I have been consistently working towards this goal physically, mentally, spiritually, though often at Koala pace, and often having to work extra on the emotional. I truly believe this work is a co-creation and I deeply want to honor Spirit who has gifted through me as well as honor myself for showing up all these years. Perhaps most of all, I want to honor the peeps who can be served by these gifts in the circle of time. I am trusting the gifts. I am trusting divine time.

EPIPHANY! The magi, aka wise men, show up with the gifts for baby J. Typically, 12th Night yet some scholars say it could have been as long as 2 years after the holy night birth. This tells us that the timing is secondary to the honoring. The daily or typical use of the word epiphany refers to the light bulb moments of revelation that can gift us with clarity and vision in any moment. For my part, I realized (duh) it was ridiculous to keep creating content no one sees. Now, as the prolific co-creator I am, I will keep co-creating no matter what yet I had the revelatory realization, the Member Library may or may not be my retirement plan. Irrespective, I am called to honor the gifts by making them as accessible as possible so I am doing that NOW in each Epiphany moment, from where I am ~ moving at the Koala pace in winter weather, with a still broken ankle, processing so much change, yet knowing and honoring, there are gifts to give and live as I practice being at PEACE with the messy, blessy process of it all!

And so as you can see, Spirit of Koala has overtaken me ~ at least in that sunshine moment! And that sparkle gift that someone planted in my yard! What a gift THAT is ~ speaking to the magical divinity that can show up in serendipity through the goodness of one's heart and hands!

Honor. That word jumped out at me from someone's sharing in a Solstice circle. I then read something about a woman's process for picking a word as a guidepost for her year and I knew instantly that honor was my word for 2023. I am committed to honoring everything about this gift of life ... including the slow healing of my ankle bone, and the ongoing messy challenges of my content and websites. I honor ALL as gifts! I honor the divine timing of giving and living these gifts ... the timing that all too often looks so different than I think it will or that it should. Peace comes in gratefully accepting and allowing the process and timing to unfold at the koala pace of grace or any other pace that flows. When we honor the moments as gifts, we allow our divinity more room to flow and grow. I honor THAT! And I honor you, friend of truth on the path of divine living. PEACE!

Along with a smile from my 'peace porch' above, here is a sing along for practicing peace if you want to center in song and sing along!

1/4 Namaste Shining Light & Practicing Vibration Of Peace!
Here's a transformation conversation taped on 1/1 ... more commentary and 'Practicing Peace' part 2 is on the way!
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