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February Heart of Love

Welcome to this evolving blog space. Recent entries are accessed here:
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2/23 Namaste Light of Love! What or who are you a disciple of? What does discipline mean to you? What role does it take in your life? This vlog speaks to discipline and being a disciple as well as to the birth, evolution, and offerings of New Thought Families and our spiritual literacy work/play. I am honoring my son, Jeremiah, and spiritual parenting. Is spiritual literacy important to you? For yourself or your family? For any and all children in your life? Perhaps the best we can discipline our children with is the ability to be a disciple of their inner light and the sacred expressions of Love they truly be. Indeed, we are all children of the divine & thereby can heed this invitation of discipleship at any age!

YES! Happy Anniversary to New Thought Families! As explained in the long (or shorter version) vlog below, launched on 2/7/2007 and I have generally celebrated the anniversary date every year on the February day/date of the year, hence ~ 2/23/2023 ~ 16 years!

I honor the mission of this work, that still holds from this mission video created long ago and is also found on our 'About' page. As I talk of in the vlog, I am ever called to this work in or out of the New Thought umbrella it started under.
New Thought Families
Love Remembered & Expressed

This year, more than any other , I am really honoring my son, Jeremiah for all his participation over the years. Raising a spiritually conscious child was a huge motivation and activation for this spiritual literacy work. Now that Jeremiah has graduated college, it is a new dimension of 'job done' for me and factors into how I view what is mine to do going forward. I have an honoring page in process for Jeremiah as I track down and consolidate old footage of his performances and accomplishments growing up. There is also a page highlighting so many of the New Thought Families/Leaping Literacy Library videos he was in over the years. Thank you mijo Jeremiah! Remember, you can access ALL of our videos now from here @!

So yes, here's the anniversary and Jeremiah honoring vlog, that also speaks to Myrtle Fillmore, Wee Wisdom, a Jesus healing done on my ankle this month, as well as employing discipline and discipleship this season of Lent! Ya, it's kinda 3 in 1 :) Because it is so long, there is a shorter version offered as well!

"A disciplined mind leads to happiness,
and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering."
Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

Perhaps if I had a more disciplined mind, I could make short little videos with a lot less rambling ums. Yet! I will let that judgement go into the arms of unconditional Love. It is a discipline to return to any aspect of life. I have been exploring this blog space for awhile and the New Thought Families Wordpress blog space is still available with entries from 2011-2021. Another Love expressed portal in time of spiritual (parenting) life!

I love this quote by John Maxwell, thank you Quotefancy! Yes, let's take another moment for discipline. It is often used with the idea of punishment when it comes to children. And even for us adults, it is often thought of as something that is hard or grueling. The Latin root for both discipline and disciple is discere which means 'to learn', also to hear or to get to know. The 40 (++!) days of Lent is seen as a time for discipline. In part, there is a day of fasting involved each week, with a few extra days of fasting and there's rules on that of course. I always remember giving something up for Lent and using discipline to keep that resolve. This year, I am releasing doubt and fear and being disciplined in my efforts to fully engage in all that Spirit calls me to. I long to be done with and free of the dance of resistance! I will say that I am practicing intermittent fasting every day these days and thereby appreciate the clearing process that happens with this practice, mind, body, spirit. Anything we practice, can become a discipline and there is much to be said for the virtue of this type of follow through. It seems to me, we be a disciple of our divinity when we weave our heart and soul callings into our reality with consistent, disciplined intention and action. When we align with this divine shine, it is a structure that brings freedom!

So, my friend ... what is calling you to devote some discipline to?
Perhaps a re-commitment to work/life you already do? Or something new?
Whatever it is, it lives inside of you!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. Namaste Love!

"We advise disciples not to follow anyone. Let them follow themselves.
Each one should follow his resplendent and luminous inner Being."
Samael Aun Weor, Major Mysteries

2/9 Namaste Valentine Voice of Unconditional Love!

I greet you from the front porch of my playhouse, with the unconditional Love of Dog! Though there is a bit of our ETV segment on Feature Creature Teacher Dog in the vlog, the whole segment is also here should you be interested.

While I do not speak of it in the vlog, I let go the Love Letters project, as initially planned, this week from a place of self-preservation and Love in response to overwhelm. There is more coming about all of that yet for now, suffice it to say I chose peace and unconditional Love in the letting go and reprioritization process. In allowing myself this redirection with minimal regret, or judgment of imperfection, it does feel like unconditional (self) Love in action!

In unconditional Love, there is no judgment or punishment. There isn't even a need for forgiveness or confession because there is an allowance of all expression. And in the grace filled flow of allowance, Unconditional Love can dance.

As we draw closer to Valentine's Day, I reflect on romance. While healthy, well partnered romantic Love is one of life's most magical gifts, it is just one way to experience Love's magic. Nature's beauty offers opportunities every day and night from sunrise colors to moonlight on water to bask in beauty that touches and raises us up. Our homes are full of our favorite things. In our grateful awareness of life's beauty and bounty, we can align with divine design shine and truly be in love with life! Of course this love life always begins from within.

Which brings me to this front porch talk on loving my (noisy, messy) neighbor as myself ~ unconditionally! I wish you well in unconditionally loving you and all of your love life! Thank you for sharing this moment with me as the Love you truly be.

Feature Creature Teacher DOG!

Namaste Sacred Breath of Love Expressed!
Until our Love Letters page is situated at ETV! Day 2 Love Letters
are to our great teacher and soul reacher Mother Nature!
Music Videos

Nature Calls Videos

2/1/2023 Namaste Love Expressed in Every Breath & Every Step!

Today begins a new month with a spotlight on Love! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is full of daily 'Home in the heart of Love' video messages. I am also beginning a series of daily Love Letter videos to air throughout the month. This being wordful Wednesday, there are 2 Laurie StorEBook Love Letter moments loving the letter H alliteration with Hoofer Harry (named after my dad) and a few of the Happy Love book pages that are focused on heart awareness and empowerment. The 3rd Love Letter of the day is a raw and real self Love talk in the mirror. Yes, from the long list of potentialities that I will choose from in the coming days, Love begins with me. And so it is! Thank you to you for being here, dear heart.

Hoofer Harry Laurie StorEBook playing
@ Laurie StorETV all month!

Happy Love Laurie StorEBook highlighted here
on our Multimedia page this month!

Another marker of time for this moment we are in is Imbolc; the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox. St. Brigid is a wonderful triple goddess highlighted at this time. Maiden/Mother/Crone she speaks to all kinds of creativity and fertility ~ including poetry! We can measure ourselves in the mix of dark and light, and the blending of the seasons. My beloved camillias are a perfect pink smile of spring filling my window with their beautiful defiant blooming in the face of frosty nights. Nature is always our great teacher and soul reacher.

Another month has passed, making it 4 months since I broke my ankle. I had xrays yesterday; Spirit whispering ahead not to be disappointed, and to go to the Lake afterwards, I was still greatly disappointed that I am still in a state of non-union or delayed union. This phrase is one that I have to deep dive on around this Valentine season as I always did want to be married (in a union) and never was. I really think I'm good with that now yet am I? What is causing such a long delay in this healing? Physically, thinking thyroid, blood sugar and iron are all worthy of my attention. A month ago I got the message of protein and circulation so I attended to those and felt so much better, stronger, healed. I started walking a bit around the playhouse and actually thought I had overdone it based on pain yet of course it all would hurt at least some after 4 months of relative immobility. The xrays did not show much healing so I took my tears to beautiful Lake Tabeau and sat on a rock. It is indeed too soon to walk. I gave thanks that I could be there, on that rock, breathing in lake beauty, even as I grieved the inner yen to be on a beloved foot path again. Breathe beauty. Breathe gratitude. More surrender. More openness. I reviewed what I had been up to the last month:
Broken Ankle, Where Are We?
So there were great & copious amounts of milk
full of protein and calcium that
seemed to feed the bones better than the capsules.
Milk and collagen. Tons of Love & Visualization of knitted bones.
There was meat & dairy & supplements.
There was more Love and hono pono pono.
There was great gratitude and conversations with my soul.
To be born for and to be ready for are 2 different things.
It is the different things that have been fused together.
Fused? Amused. Fusing? Confusing.
Yet I see, know, and gratefully affirm healing and alignment.
Light treatments; liquid light flowing through my veins
shining through any angst to explain or complain
or to suffer in silent and secret blame or shame.
Through all of it, I truly love you, my beloved bone
who said, "I'm the place to be broken
as a token of your disillusioned devotion."

I can and will only return to Love. Love for my ankle, and heart, and Love for my very being who continues to restart and realign with the shine of divine design. And so that I may be Love, and be in Love, I begin this month of Love Letters with me. Yes, Love, just like Peace, does indeed begin with me. Thank you Love!

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