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June 21, 2023 Shining Summer Solstice Magnifications & Illuminations

Namaste & Happy Summer Solstice Shining Stars of Light Filled Beauty! Welcome to the circle of the sun celebration. At this midpoint and shortest night of the year, the light of purpose can be magnified; our divine magnificence as well as our debilitating shadows all illuminated for our good.

In the vlog below I speak and sing to the shadows and the light in celebration of illumination including connections to Juneteenth and Father's Day. I also offer 3 simple invitations for honoring this moment in time there and below. Solstices and Equinoxes are portals of energy long revered and honored by many of our ancestors. The energetic power is ramped up before, during, and after the actual times of light. Of course, the invitations are good any day, any time, we want to focus on our light and on the sacred.

Created June 20, 2023 SHORT!
Created June 20, 2023

Solstice Celebration Magnification of Illumination Invitations:
Do 1 or all 3 ~ Anytime you want to align with the shine of your divine design!

1. Turn your face to the sun, if even for a moment. Close your eyes and feel the light and warmth bathe your face. Say a prayer, focus your intention and attention on the light, or simply soak it up. You can also speak aloud or in your mind some gratitude for the magnitude of how the sun gives us light and life itself all over our pretty planet home.

2. Light a candle. As you spark the flame, give it your intention and attention. Call in the light. Acknowledge the light. Ask for illumination and/or give thanks for the same. You can surrender any pain into the flame. You can honor those that have gone before us. You can recognize the divine that is ever present, omnipresent, in this right now moment. You can align with the Presence, with the Light, with any or all who have ever done the same around the flame.

3. Witness, renew or set an altar. As I speak of in the vlog, altars are touchstone places whereby we can bring our mind and heart into remembrance and resonance with the divine. Nature provides so many altars of beauty from sweeping landscapes to the center of a flower where beauty is perfectly placed and smiling. You could just take a moment to witness an altar in nature that speaks to you and stirs your soul. Perhaps you have an altar in your home or many of them as I do. In this Solstice energy, it is a great time to revisit and renew your altar(s) especially with nature elements. If you are new to altars or it's been awhile, just center in your heart, set the intention in your mind, and go about finding and placing any objects that speak to your sense of the sacred. Create a place that when you look upon it, you will feel more centered and aligned with the shine of your divine design!

Whether you make an altar, or take a moment with flame or sun, may your heart be illumined in knowing the divine Love you are made of. In this Solstice shine or any moment of time, may you align with the shine of your divine design! Namaste Light of Love!

June 12, 2023 Continued Transformation Inspiration Invitation Conversations!

Namaste Shining Summertime Friend of Intention!

In this week before Solstice, we have had a June to swoon weather wise, unseasonably and utterly delightfully cool. Which makes for a great space in my upstairs of the barn. I have been creating playful, sacred space there and all over the playhouse for the longest time yet definitely renewed of late as I have once again become mobile after the winter/spring of healing off my feet.

As I have been healing and recalibrating into my future, there has been alot of dancing with grief and release, listening with compassion to the places of darkness and depression. I have been leaning into the intentions to bring the online content here (back) into fruition and it has definitely been a getting ready to be ready to be ready! Ever called to shine through the darkness!

New Song Darkness To Light
Recorded June 9, 2023

Darkness can show up in SO many ways to get in the way or light the way ~
or both ~ as we journey through the duality of life. When we stumble on our journey in doing what is ours to do, it is ALWAYS an invitation to love ourselves through the insistence of resistance, no matter how persistent! We are, indeed, created of a light stronger and brighter than any darkness!

Messy me is in celebration of opening up 4 summer camp invitations even though the manifestations were short of the vision and behind in the timing. I am ever aligning knowing the bigger picture of the constant invitation to keep divining! Below is today's vlog speaking to that process and inviting you to show up for whatever is calling you. Irrespective of you sharing the vlog conversation, I do issue you an ongoing invitation or at least a meditation to show up for whatever calls to you, especially if it is something that continues to knock at your door! Show up messy, late ~ incomplete ~ show up any way you have to! When you show up for what calls you, you shine your light brightly through any darkness that would diminish you or your calling! As my new song sings, we are created of a light way to powerful to hide in the darkness. Shine the divine design of your radiant goodness!

Created June 12, 2023
Circle of Intention!

So YES! I do invite you into the online camps with the intention of continuing to clean up, level up, and dare I say, continue to perfect the celebrations and invitations coming your way throughout this summer of divine shine!
May we all continue to align and shine! Namaste, Love!

Summer FUNdamentals! Summer FUNdamentals!
Summer FUNdamentals! Summer FUNdamentals!

Join us on the Free Shelf of Leaping Literacy Library for participation in these invitations. Yippee skippee for Leaping Literacy and to be soul play free!

June 01, 2023 Continued Transformation Conversations!

Namaste Smiling Summertime Friend!

The summer season is upon us as we turn the calendar page today! I took a sunset walk on a backroad last night for the first time since last fall and breaking my ankle. YES, back out for a beauty walk! It did give me renewed hope for change; and for that wisdom to change what we can and accept the rest! Deep breath! The short video shows a shiny Spirit invitation!

I had anticipated being back here for Memorial Day musings after decorating the cemetery for my peeps. The hillside cemetery where my mama and that side of the family reside was too overgrown for decorating so that will be a return trip. I did enlist aunt Helen and Jackie Fox (both on the brink of turning 94) to help prepare bouquets from my mama bin of assorted flowers. They were a beautiful touchstone from the old traditions. I always heard how grandma Mary took 'Decoration Day', aka Memorial Day, to heart and hand. It was that way with the other side of the family too so I do what I can.

Home Renovation Transformation Conversation
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation
Home Renovation Transformation Conversation Home Renovation Transformation Conversation

The day proceeding the above was the annual flea market in my little town so I once again filled up my long driveway with goodies for sale and giveaway. The process was physically and mentally exhausting for so many reasons, not the least of which is the further letting go of family camp and program accumulation I am still transforming and grieving. While there won't be our Feathers Family Camp in the mountains, there will be online offerings:

I am offering the above and several other programs with Laurie Story Summer Reading and Creativity Camp in an ongoing effort to honor the resources created in Leaping Literacy Library. At New Thought Families, our daily aware prayer calendar is revisiting the power of the SMILE to transform!

This calendar offering was recorded SO long ago with a beautiful family. I put it into videos several years ago and have run it a few different months. Most of the videos are still only watched a hand full of times, at best. There is a very reasonable voice that says to let the calendar and other resources just go. Yet cannot kill them yet. I am ever reminded that what we are called to do is ours to do. Yet I know change is a necessary part of life ~ death can lead to birthing a new we often can't see. Being involved in such a long death and rebirth process, I have currently been battling depression and the overwhelm and indecision that can come from that. I am trusting the truth to transform! I am trusting my guidance to know where to keep going and what to let go of. And! I am reminding myself, again and again, through my media co-creations, the power of small changes. Today, I am reminded to align with the feel good of a SMILE!

In the last post, we looked at Maslow's Motivation flow with Belonging in the center no matter which way you turn the pyramid. When I center in the unconditional Love of Spirit, the shining light of truth shows me where depression is rooted in judgement and the need for something other than what is. As talked about in previous transformation conversations, perhaps for me to align with the shine of my divine design, I need to employ some version of the beautiful lie that counters actual video views with unwavering faith and dedication. Yet! Regardless of our level of willing participation, there is indeed, constant transformation! And for our part, we can simply smile any moment we choose to shift the energy in our hearts and perhaps that of others! Stay fine tuned for whatever has you smiling this June! Thank you for being here, sunshine. Namaste!

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