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Season Of Peace Calendar
"January 30 - April 4, is a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities. Celebrating its 20th year and based on the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this international event honors their vision for an empowered, nonviolent world."
For more, go to the Association for Global New Thought.

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EarthSome March Interfaith Inspirations:
Native AmericanChristianityBahaiJudaism
Goddess ~ Pagan Native AmericanJudaismZoroastrianismBuddhistChristianHinduChristian

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Interfaith Inspirations

EarthSome Interfaith March Inspirations:

Native American March and April mark the season of the Eagle Dances, when people of the Arizona Pueblo tribes dance to dramatize their communities’ relationship with the Sky-World.  This month is also known as Xsaak, the season when candlefish swarm and members of the Nisga’a tribes catch these fish, dry them, and render them into oil for lamps. Quoted from Religious Holy Days

Christianity ChristianityChristian
St David Of Wales Day March 1
Celtic Christian saint known for his wisdom and missionary work.

Judaism Judaism Purim March 1
Jewish celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish minority in Persia from genocide.
Charity to the poor, sharing food with friends, and vigorous merrymaking mark the observance.

Sikh Sikh Hola Mohalla March 2
A Sikh day when mock battles are fought and martial arts are displayed.


JudaismBaha'i Fasting Days March 2 March 20
Baha'i faith decrees these days as prayer days with fasting sunrise to sunset.


Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism Ghambar Hamaspathmaedem, Fravardegan, or Muktad ~ March 16-March 20
A celebration of the creation of human beings and a commemoration of souls who have died. 
Prayers are offered to the fravashis (the divine spark within each human, which lives forever),
asking for their blessings and protection.

Christianity ChristianityChristianSaint Days!
March 17
St Patrick's Day
Celebrating Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland in early days of the faith.
March 19 St Joseph's Day
Remembrance of Joseph, husband of Mary the mother of Jesus.

Hindu Hindu New Year ~ March 18

Hindu Hindu Ramyana ~ March 18 ~ March 25
One of the two epics of Hinduism. Relates the story of Rama and Sita - ideal man and woman.
Written by sage 'Valmiki'

ShintoShinto Shunki-sorei-sai March 20
The time of the spring memorial service, when ancestors’ spirits are revered at home altars
and gravesites are cleaned and purified.

ChineseHonorQingming  – Chinese traditional
Tomb Sweeping Day ~ March 21
A day to honor one’s ancestors and visit their grave sites,
as well as to welcome the coming of the spring season.

Wicca/Pagan Goddess ~ PaganOstara & Mabon (northern/southern hemispheres)
Equinox ~ March 21

The time when the sun is directly above a point on the equator.
The equinox will be either Vernal or Autumnal depending on the hemisphere.
Equinox celebrations as days of equal light & dark mark the turning of the wheel.

Ostara – Wicca
A time to mark the divine goddess’s blanketing of the Earth with fertility as the god stretches and grows to maturity, manifested in the reawakening of seeds within the Earth as they are touched by divine love.

Native AmericanSpring Feast – Native American spirituality
A day to mark the coming and going of seasons and to honor planting through songs, stories, and prayer.

Baha'i Baha'iHappy New Year ~ Naw Ruz ~ March 21
Marking the beginning of the year 175 of the Bahá’í era, and the beginning of the
first month of the year, known as Bahá or “splendor.”

Persian/Zoroastrian Zoroastrianism Norouz ~ New Year ~ March 21
The beginning of the Zoroastrian new year, 1388 AY or 3756 AZ in the Fasli seasonal calendar,
which also celebrates the renewal of the world and the creation of fire (which symbolizes righteousness). 
Zarathustra, the founder of Zoroastrianism, received his revelation on this day.

Buddhism Spring Ohigon – Buddhism ~ March 21
For Buddhists who practice in the Jōdo Shinshū [Japanese Pure Land] tradition, this is a special time to listen to the teaching of the Buddha and meditate on the perfection of enlightenment as lived in the Six Perfections or Paramitas (generosity, morality, wisdom, honesty, endeavor, and patience).

ChristianityChristian Christianity Palm Sunday ~ March 25

Christian remembrance and celebration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when crowds spread palm fronds on the ground as Jesus rode into the city. It is observed by worship celebrations and parades using palm branches. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.

Hindu Hindu Rama Navami ~ March 25
A celebration in honor of the birth of Rama, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu. Hindus read the Ramayana, a Hindu epic, and religious dances called Ramalila are performed to depict scenes from his life. This is the culmination of a week-long observance.

Christianity ChristianityChristian Maundy Thursday ~ March 29
The remembrance of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples and his institution of the
“love commandment” (the term “Maundy” comes from the Latin word for “commandment”)
while he washed their feet as a servant.

Jainism Jain ~ Mahavir Jayanti (Janma Kalyänak) ~ March 30
Jain festival honoring Lord Mahavira on the founder's birthday. Shrines are visited.
Teachings are reviewed and reflected upon. Jains remember their most important prophet by decorating their temples with flags, with prayers
& fasting + making offerings of rice, fruit, milk, and other items.

ChristianityChristian Christianity Good Friday ~ March 30
A commemoration of the passion of Jesus of Nazareth, i.e., his death by crucifixion. At sundown some churches begin the Easter vigil either this evening or on Holy Saturday (April 15). At sundown Eastern churches commemorate Jesus’ death by crucifixion, followed by an observance of the Great Sabbath, in which believers remember Christ’s burial and await his resurrection on
Holy Pascha, or Easter morning.

Judaism Judaism Eve of Pesach [Passover] March 30 (ends on April 7)
The beginning of an eight-day festival celebrating God’s deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The story is told during a Seder meal at sundown, including readings from a book known as the Haggadah. Some Jews refrain from work on the first two and the last two days of this holiday.

BuddhismBuddhist Magha Puja Day - March 31
Buddhist celebration of the presentation of teachings by Lord Buddha to and assembly of holy men.

Happy Easter!ChristianityChristianityChristianEaster Sunday ~ April 1
The most holy of Christian sacred days, the oldest and most central festival in the Christian year and initiates the fifty-day period culminating in Pentecost. The day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death by crucifixion. Observances include worship services beginning at
sunrise, special music, feasting, and parades.


Some brief definitions and dates from the Interfaith Calendarby Delton Krueger,
The Interfaith Observer & ACPE's Religious Holy Days ~ many, many thanks!

Interfaith Inspirations:

Judaism/Jewish: Judiaism
Yom Kippur & Sukkot
Tibetan Prayer Wheels
Bodhi Day
World Of Love

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