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Zealous Yes is Love Expressed!
Zealous Yesness! Embracing Our Blessedness With Yesness ~ Zealousness Expressed! Zealous Yesness!

Thursday, October 19
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Instrumental music by David Tralle ~ Thank you David!

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I embrace the holiness of life with a zealous yes!

Thank You Great Spirit for the abundance of Your zealous creations!
May I see with eyes of Love & appreciation this day Your holy energy everywhere!
How blessed we are to live surrounded & nurtured by so many colors, shapes & sizes!
May I be aware this day of Your holiness in everything & everyone ~ even me!

Circle Of Life!
Find the holy sacred God energy inside ordinary things today; in yourself, your family, your home, your food. Try holding an apple in your hand & give thanks for every bit of it ....
including the tree it grew on, the soil, roots & branches, the sunshine & water that nurtured
the tree, the hand that picked the apple from the tree and the many hands that got it to you ~! Now, how many other things can you do this with?
Remember to hold each & all of the pieces as holy & divine!

Appreciate The Circle Of Life!

Interfaith Inspirations

Native Native October
For Native Americans, October marks the season of the Cherokee Green Corn Ceremony and the season of Xlaaw, the season to put up food for the coming winter.

HinduHindu Sikh Sikh JainJain ~ Diwali ~ Hindu New Year ~ October 19th
Hindu Festival of Lights symbolizing the human urge to move toward the light.
Gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals. Jain celebration of Lord Mahavira's day of final liberation.

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"I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm, and do the things that ought to be done by me."
Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity at age 94

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