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Mystery May:
Remembering To Be the Mystery! Living the Mystery Every Day ~ Free, Full & Happy In Every Way! Remembering To Be the Mystery!
~ The Mystery Audio ~
Tuesday, May 16
Click the box to start/stop the narration/music
Intergenerational voices are Jeremiah, Grammy Hazel & Laurie Story!
Uplifting, vibrational instrumental music is from Jarrad Hewett who embedded "Opening..." into a stock music track.
~ Thank you Jeremiah, Hazel, Laurie & Jarrad!

Narration NOT playing?! Click Here!

StarAffirm: I am remembering, feeling, and loving the Mystery right now.

Thank you Mother/Father/Creator, for the Mystery spots of You in clouds!
Some clouds bring us rain, some bring shade, and some just bring us beauty.
Every cloud is a gift and a touch of Love's Mystery. Thank You for clouds!

Clouds ~ Being The Mystery!
Look for clouds today! See shapes and animals in the clouds,
and know that every one of them is a smiling Mystery spot!

Special Bonus Today from our Leaping Literacy Library (Archives):
Sacred Moment Celebration: Sky & Clouds
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Interfaith Inspirations

Audio: The MysteryOur May Mystery Calendar Celebration & Affirmations
are based on this anonymous audio, The Mystery

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