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Sunday, July 30
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Star A
sk: What or who is calling me home?
Star Affirm:
Centered in my heart, I am always home!

Thank you Great Spirit for the way You always live in me and in all of reality!
I am so grateful to know Your divinity in so many ways that set me free!

Living Light


Practice being home today ~ wherever you are! Just like a turtle carries its home on its back,
you carry your heart with you! Place your hands on your heart now and affirm it as home. Then!
See if you can remember to do this one or more times wherever you are throughout the day!

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Interfaith Inspirations

Native Native July
For Native Americans, July marks the season of the Mountain Spirit Dances for the Mescalero Apache people of New Mexico; the Hopi Snake Dances, marking a sixteen-day ritual of purification; the Green Corn Ceremony or Stomp Dance, performed by Seminole and other Oklahoma tribes as a time of renewal and purification; and the Sun Dance, observed by Plains peoples (Arapaho, Cheyenne, Shoshone, Arikara, Crow, Sioux, and others) as a time of penitence and sacrifice.  It is also known as Xmaay, the season of big berries when summer fruit is ripe for harvesting.

Where Do You Feel Home?!
Living Light


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