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Oh Holy Light December Calendar:
Living Light In Many Ways ~ Pray & Play Every Day!
Monday, December 18
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Beautiful instrumental music played by David Tralle's
The Brightening ~ Thank you David!

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What truth is speaking to me in the light?

I am guided by Love & oh holy Light!

Be amazed in the light today! What new thing can you learn or open up to
that will enLIGHTen you to a new way of being? Ask to be amazed ... by
beauty or kindness or any other facet of life be it surprising or inspiring ~
or both! Even simple things can be amazing if we are open to the wonder of life!

Surprise Light

Fab Photo of Lighted Path Thanks: Chance Argella at Free Range Stock

Thank You holy Mother/Father/God for the amazement of life! I pray to open my eyes to the light of Love shining everywhere! May I truly open my eyes to see the beauty & wonders of life.
As I am ever more aware, may my heart continue to open wider too ~ knowing more You!

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Interfaith Inspirations

ChristianUnited Nations~ December 18th ~ Migrants Day
On 4 December 2000, the General Assembly of the United Nations appointed International Migrants Day, a day to be celebrated annually on December 18. December 18 marks the anniversary of the United Nations' adoption of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. On this day, it is important to recognize and remember the humanity that connects us all as we have all moved from somewhere.

ChristianChristianChristian ~ December 16th ~ 25th ~ Posadas Perpetual (Navideñas)
Hispanic Christian feast of The Lodgings commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph
to Bethlehem
in preparation for the birth of Jesus.

Judaism Judaism ~ December 12th ~ 20th ~ Hanukkah Boxing Day
Jewish Festival of Lights. It commemorates the Maccabean recapture and rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in 165-164 b.c.e. Special readings and praise songs focus on liberty and freedom.
The eight candle Menorah is lit each night.

Native NativeDecember
For Native Americans of the Zuni tribe in New Mexico, December marks the time of the
Shalako Kochina Ceremony.  For other aboriginal tribes, this is the season when the river freezes
and the land sleeps, known as Luut’aa.

ChristianChristianChristian ~December 3rd ~ December 25th ~ Advent
Advent marks the beginning of the Christian worship year in preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. Always beginning on the Sunday nearest November 30, it is observed with the lighting of advent candles, display of wreaths and special ceremonies. Many families also use an advent calendar with their children for the month of December leading up to Christmas; each day offering a special surprise.

AdventAdvent Day 18:
(Roll over for a surprise!)

I follow my joy as the star of truth.
I follow my joy as the star of truth!
Affirm! Love sparkles everywhere!


Oh Amazing Holy Light!
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