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Grateful Hearts April Calendar:
Allowing, Becoming, Co-Creating Divinity Evolving Free... For Humanity!
Monday, April 23
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What do I want to imagine?

Affirm: I am imagining ... !

Imagine! Use your imagination today in all kinds of imaginative ways!
Look at clouds and imagine who or what they could be! Look at a blue sky
and imagine dotting the blueness with your own clouds! What shapes are they? What colors?!
Use your powerful imaginings for your life and things you want to co-create; what do they look
and feel like to you?! Imagine for all of humanity too ~ peace, justice, awakening, Love ... and?!


Oh holy Home of heart filled happiness, I bask in your infinity!
I am so grateful for how You made us with so many spiritual super powers!
I open to knowing more of infinite me through my intuition and my imagination.
I invite more of the infinity of Your divinity in and through me now! WOW!

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Interfaith Inspirations

Christianity ChristianityChristianSaint George Day ~ April 23
Christian remembrance of a person who, in the 4th century, was a martyr
and became an ideal of martial valor and selflessness. Legend of killing a dragon
is connected with this patron saint of England.

Baha'i Baha'i Ridvan ~ April 21 ~ May 2
A Baha'i commemoration of the twelve day period in 1863 when Baha'u'llah declared that he was God's messenger for this age. Commemorating the twelve days that Bahá’u’lláh spent in the garden of Ridván during his exile in Baghdad and when he proclaimed himself as the one announced by the Báb, which occurred in 1863 C.E.  On the first (4/20), ninth (4/28), and twelfth days (5/1) of this festival, work is suspended.  
The festival begins at sundown.


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