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Evolving Energies March Calendar:
Allowing, Becoming, Co-Creating Divinity ... For Humanity!
Tuesday, March 20
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How can I treat myself and others with more fairness?

Affirm: I facilitate fairness!

Play fair today! Make up a fun game to play keeping the rules fair.
You can also think of someone or something that you can express celebration or gratitude for ... maybe you've been taking them or it for granted and it's time to give a shout out of Love & appreciation. Any time is a good time to bring more fairness to a situation or relationship!

Facilitate Fairness

Thank You holy Source of Love and life! Thank you for the gifts of this day and the ongoing opportunities to align and realign my faith in You and in the divine order of all. I pray to have increased awareness of fairness this day that I may right any wrongs I may have caused or that
I can help with. I see, know and affirm myself as Your voice for goodness, fairness and yesness!

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Interfaith Inspirations


ShintoShinto Shunki-sorei-sai March 20
The time of the spring memorial service, when ancestors’ spirits are revered at home altars
and gravesites are cleaned and purified.

HinduHindu Ramyana ~ March 18 ~ March 25
One of the two epics of Hinduism. Relates the story of Rama and Sita - ideal man and woman.
Written by sage 'Valmiki'

Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism Ghambar Hamaspathmaedem,
Fravardegan, or Muktad
~ March 16-March 20
A celebration of the creation of human beings and a commemoration of souls who have died. 
Prayers are offered to the fravashis (the divine spark within each human, which lives forever),
asking for their blessings and protection.

Baha'iBaha'i Fasting Days - March 2 - March 20

Season Of Peace: Day
50, March 20

Our Peaceful Planet:
We are using resources with respect & reverence

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We plant a tree and/or
we use paper carefully!

We take a deep breath!

Living Green In Our Hands: Our Peaceful Planet
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