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Co-Create~ Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~Co-Create
Conscious Co-Creating February Calendar:
Allowing, Becoming, Co-Creating Divine Energies ... For Humanity!
Tuesday, February 27
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What energy is calling me to be exact?

Affirm: I Am exactly evolving as divine energy!

Play with being exact with your energy and intentions! Cut or fold some paper exactly in half,
divide your paper into sections and color each section in exact segments! Set a goal or a deadline for something you've been wanting to do; map out exact steps and take the first one! ~ Exactly!


Thank You sacred Creator, loving presence of my being and all of life.
I am so grateful for the whole of this world and for humanity ~ an expanse of detailed infinity!
I pray to live exactly this day ... exactly as you made me ~ whole, free, perfect.
May I be an exact face of Your shining Love!

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Interfaith Inspirations

Baha'i Intercalary Days - February 26-March 1
Baha'i insertion of days into the calendar in order to maintain their solar calendar.

Season Of Peace: Day
9, February 27
LOVE! Karene Picollo Kanta Bosniak Carol Moore Callie Carling Keith Lickey LOVE!

I Am A Peacemaker: I am a peacemaker with myself & others.
Our home is a peace zone.

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Our Home is a Peace Zone.

Section 3 Season Video:
Our Home Is A Peace Zone:
Vimeo PassCode: LJPeaceZone


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