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Co-Create~ Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~Co-Create
Conscious Co-Creating February Calendar:
Allowing, Becoming, Co-Creating Divine Energies ... For Humanity!
Saturday, February 10
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What am I curious about?

Affirm: I Am that I Am ... awakening with curiosity for more conscious co-creating!

Be curious today! Ask questions, explore a different route to wherever you are going ...
from the store to your next vacation! Consciously keep your eyes and ears open to discover something new about life right around you. You can also use your curiosity to learn about someone
or something far away; a culture, religion, event ... there's infinite possibilities for curiosity!


Thank You holy infinite Creator of cats and caterpillars, canyons and craters ...
compassion and curiosity! So many ~ an infinity ~ of creations and ways to be!
I pray to be open with my own capacities of compassion and curiosity that I may hear
and see more of the expanse of divinity in this world and inside me now and always!

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Interfaith Inspirations


Season Of Peace: Day
12, February 10

Peace Begins With Me: I explore and take care of the peace in me.

Roll over the image & find a surprise!
(Hold your mouse on the picture and find another one underneath it!)
I draw, paint, or write about ME!

Section 1 Season Video: Peace Begins With Me:


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