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Awake & Aware January Calendar:
Allowing, Becoming, Co-Creating Divine Energies ... For Humanity!
Thursday, January 18
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How can I best bestow my blessings?

I Am a beautiful blessing with lots of dreams to live!

Give away a dream today! Ask your heart to help you; then listen for a dream, big or small that you can give as a blessing for others ~ or even for yourself. If the dream is super big ~
like world peace ~ ask your heart for a single step; like making peace with just one other,
even (and especially?!) yourself!

Beauty Blessing

Thank You divine Creator of life for the infinite blessings You have bestowed upon me. I am so richly blessed and I am so deeply grateful. May I be a blessing today. May I reach into the dreams of my heart and find a way to let those dreams bless others… this day and all days!

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