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Remember In November ThanksLiving Calendar:
Living In Gratitude Expressed In Many Ways ~ Pray & Play Every Day!
Wednesday, November 29
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Beautiful instrumental music played by David Tralle's
The Brightening ~ Thank you David!

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StarAsk: What beings & creatures am I Thanks Living with today?

I am Thanks Living in all things possible Love!

Look to all the creatures & beings of nature that surround you & celebrate them in
Thanks Living today! Hug your pets, plants, trees! Hug the sun, stars, moon, sea ~
with arms wide open & the picture in your mind & heart! Make a picture to honor your pet
or the creation of choice & put it in a big heart hug to hang on the frig or anywhere else!

Fun times
Fab Photo from Merelize at Free Range Stock

Thank You Mother/Father/God/Goddess for the way you made this world with such a bounty of beings! I send my Love & gratitude out to all beings now; crawling ones, winged ones, swimming ones, rooted ones, blooming ones ~! Oh so many creatures & I love them all! I pray for the well being of our planet home & all her creatures; may we all live in reverent joyous harmony!

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Interfaith Inspirations

SikhIslam ~November 29th ~ Mawlid al-Nabi
The anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca in ca. 570 C.E.,
observed by Sunni Muslims beginning at sundown. 
Shi’a Muslims celebrate five days later, on December 4th.

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