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Living In Gratitude Expressed In Many Ways ~ Pray & Play Every Day!
Tuesday, November 14
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Beautiful instrumental music played by David Tralle's
The Brightening ~ Thank you David!

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StarAsk: What or who can I nurture today?

I am Thanks Living in all things possible Love!

See who or what you can take care of in Thanks Living today! Maybe you have pets, family members, friends or neighbors that could use some help from you! Leave a fun surprise on someone's bed or doorstep! You can care for others with helping hands, kind words, thoughts,
or prayers. You can even care for strangers or the earth in these ways! And you can nurture yourself too. So look around & do, say, think, pray in lots of caring, loving ways today!

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Thank You holy God of grace for all the ways there are to care & be cared for! I pray to give care this day to all my loved ones & even to strangers. May I also do some things to care for myself! May I nurture my body temple with good food & lots of water as well as good thoughts & grateful feelings. From this place of Love, may I also care for all others!

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Sikh Sikh ~ November14th ~Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib
Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib starts with the early morning religious procession that goes around the localities singing shabads or hymns. The onlookers offer tea and sweets to the members of the procession as a gesture of good will.
Guru Nanak Jayanti falls in the month of October- November. The three day festival starts with Akhand Path during which the Granth Sahib is read continuously and the conclusion of the reading coincides with the day of the festival. From: Indian Holidays Website, thank you!


ChristianChristianOrthodox Christian~ November 14th ~ December 24th ~
Nativity Fast ~ Winter Lent

A season of preparation for the Nativity of Christ


Nurture Life with Caring!
Giving Is LivingHands!
ick up trash!Kind Words!

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