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Remember In November ThanksLiving Calendar:
Living In Gratitude Expressed In Many Ways ~ Pray & Play Every Day!
Saturday, November 11
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Beautiful instrumental music played by David Tralle's
The Brightening ~ Thank you David!

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StarAsk: What ancient beauty can I see today?

I am Thanks Living in all things possible Love!

What colorful foundation of Thanks Living do you have inside you?!
Look at rocks today! Rocks are everywhere and you may not even notice their beauty?
See if you can find some rocks ... look for colors, patterns, even faces or messages!
You can also make messages of your own ~ see our Peace Rocks below ~ rock on!

Valley Of Fire
Fab Photo from The Valley Of FireThanks: Laurie!

Thank You Great Creator for your strength & beauty everywhere present. May I remember to see all the faces of beauty this day, all the colors within life & within me! And as I see these beautiful faces, may I also know the ancient wisdom smiling there. Truly, we are so blessed
to live on this planet; may we all respect & relect our beautiful essence today!

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Rocks Rock!

Peace Rocks! Love Rocks! Joy Rocks!
These are fun to make and give in a variety of settings or productions! Here's a peek at our special, hand painted stones:

Peace Rocks!Make Peace Rocks

Use inexpensive "River Rocks" at a dollar store or crafts store.
"Paint Pens" from a craft store ... leave some time to dry!
These are permanent and beautiful!
You can also use a "Sharpie" and it will dry
much faster but NOT be permanent!!
Peace Rocks
Another rockin' idea for celebrating the truth of who we are!

Choose PeaceSpeak Your Peace ...

We made Spirit Stones & passed them out all over town!
Peace RocksPeace RocksPeace Rocks
Peace KnocksChoose PeaceChoose PeaceSmiling Rocks!

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