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RoseGlow Flowing In Grace Calendar Flowing In Grace
~ Pray & Play Every Day! ~
Heart of Love Allowing the Flow of Grace!
Wednesday, June 21
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How can I flow grace in the sea of Love?

Affirm: I am flowing with grace in a sea of Love!

Thank You holy Creator for this Love filled life everywhere present!
I pray to be in the flow of grace this day ... knowing that I am swiming
in a sea of Love. May I bring Love, peace & harmony wherever I go!

May I flow ease & grace with the Love everywhere present!
Surrendered in Grace

Fab Photo ~ Thanks Laurie ~ and Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Play with others in a sea of Love! Get with family, friends or even strangers
on the street and see how you can flow together ... walk, dance "swim" in connected motion!
You can also make a mobil with a hanger or sticks ...
dangle fish from the mobil and watch them "swim" together in the air!
Flow with grace in the sea of Love all around you!

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Interfaith Inspirations

Wicca/Pagan Wiccan Summer & Winter Solstice ~ Litha & Yule
~ Northern and Southern Hemispheres ~ June 21
Celebrate with us here!

Solstice is the time when the earth is most inclined away from the sun.
It is the most southern or northern point depending on the hemisphere.
In the Southern hemisphere, the observance is Litha, Wicca celebration of the sacred marriage
in which energy of the gods is poured into the service of life.
In the northern hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the year.
It marks the first day of the season of winter. Winter Yule is the time when the sun child
is reborn, an image of the return of all new life born through the love of the Gods.
Within the Northern Tradition Yule is regarded as the New Year.
Also a Norse pagan celebration of the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth of the sun.
A present day Wicca event.  Christians celebrate Yule as the light dawning (birth) of Jesus.

More Summer Solstice Facts

  • On the Summer Solstice, the North Pole receives 24 hours of daylight,
    and the South Pole receives 24 hours of darkness.
  • Solstice comes from the Latin words for "Sun" and "to stop."
  • Many Native American tribes celebrated the Summer Solstice by holding "sun dances".
  • On the summer solstice, the Earth's axis is tilted the most, up to 26° .


Native Native June
For Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, June marks Miso’o, the season of Sockeye salmon, which is the most important food source for the coming year.  In Arizona, this is also the season of the Hopi Kachina Dances, in which long lines of dancers (representing various spirit-powers) perform in the open plazas of Hopi pueblos.

Islam Islam Ramadan ~ May 27 ~ June 24
9th month on Islamic calendar, devoted to the commemoration of Muhammad's reception
of the divine revelation recorded in the Qur'an. The event begins when authorities in Saudi Arabia
sight the new moon of the 9th month. It is the holiest period of the Islamic Year lasting 29-30 days. There is strict fasting from sunrise to sunset as well as observed prayer times. Ramadan comes from the word ramadaa, which means 'sunbaked' in Arabic. This is perhaps a reference to the pangs of hunger Muslims feel when fasting.According to Islamic tradition, menstruating women, women who are experiencing bleeding after giving birth, people who are sick (either with short term or long term illnesses), and travelers are exempt from fasting. Pregnant women also have the option of skipping fasts.In Islamic countries, when Ramadan ends and the crescent moon is first seen, people bang drums and give mighty shouts.


I am flowing in grace!
Allowing Love is Grace Flowing!
Photo C Laurie Story Vela

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