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Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~Co-Create
RoseGlowLove Compassion In Action Calendar:
Saying YES To Kindness In Every Way ~ Pray & Play Every Day!
Monday, March 20
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Beautiful piano music from the piano track of Plant Our Planet played by David Tralle ~ Thank you David!

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StarAsk: How can I allow the flow of kindness & compassion today?

Centered in my heart, I am compassion in action ~ a YES of kindness!

Play with putting kindness in your hands today! What can you pick up?
Maybe you'll find a bug or lizard inside and carefully pick it up and put it outside?!
Maybe you can pick up some laundry or clutter off the floor or a piece of litter up off the road?!
Maybe simply touch your own face or that of a loved one with a tender caress. Kindness!

Compassion In Action!

Fab Photo
: Bird In Hand Thanks: Veres1 at RGB Stock
Thank You dear God for how Your loving kindness flows through my hands every time I say yes! Thank You for the blessing of this feel good flow of the yes of kindness. May I be mindful
to say yes this day, yes to helping, yes to goodness, yes to kindness, yes to YES

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Interfaith Inspirations

Wicca/Pagan Goddess ~ PaganOstara & Mabon (northern/southern hemispheres)
Equinox ~ March 20

The time when the sun is directly above a point on the equator.
The equinox will be either Vernal or Autumnal depending on the hemisphere.
Equinox celebrations as days of equal light & dark mark the turning of the wheel.

JudaismBaha'i Fasting Days - March 2 - March 20
Baha'i faith decrees these days as prayer days with fasting sunrise to sunset.

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How Will You Say Yes To Kindness?!
Hands in Kindness
Fab Photo: Generations Thanks: Cindy J Grady at Free Range Stock

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